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TASTE IT is a Latin and Blues band currently based in Mississauga, Canada. The band is known for their high energy performances and infectious rhythms. Their repertoire includes a wide list of cover songs and originals that allow the band to bring their show to a variety of different places, at once feeling at home, while still bringing the spicy Latin American atmosphere to your bar, club, festival, wedding, birthday party or private event.



Austin Rossitter +1 647 677 6995 

John Rossitter +1 905 997 2160 


Alonso Farias 07523075750

WhatsApp: +56 9 8829 1845 (Alonso)

INFORMATION AND BOOKINGS: tasteitbooking@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tasteitbandpage

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV3C7RcoXQ5MU4SIu-t45Kw

Alonso Farias

Alonso Farias was born in La Serena (Chile) in 1991. He grew up there, went on to study political science and worked in the Congress of Chile (2014-2015). However, he left this career to pursue his passion of music. He left his job and his home in September 2015, and traveled over 38 countries of 4 continents, writing music and practicing his art; first on the streets, then in the bars and clubs with his new duo, TASTE IT.

In early 2017, he went back to Chile alone and formed La Doctrina. This group went on to be one of, if not the most important new group of his region. Alonso organized many popular cultural events at his home in La Serena, hosting and performing with LA RATA BLUESERA, the largest blues act in the country, as well as 20+ different bands during different events and festivals. Alonso leaves his home with a reputation as one of the most respected, known and hard working faces on the music scene in the last year. Now he is currently in Canada bringing the music of TASTE IT around the world.

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Austin Rossitter

Austin Rossitter, the second half of TASTE IT, was born in Markham, Canada. He grew up in Mississauga, and began to travel at the age of 17. In this time he met Alonso Farias and commenced his music career alongside his new friend on the streets of Europe (2016). 

When Alonso went back to Chile, Austin continued to perform, briefly with a travelling Gospel & Dixieland band in Portugal, then leading a separate blues duo act in Liverpool (UK), followed by another gospel and bluegrass act performing in a Portugal and Spain.   

He spent 6 months in Chile with Alonso's band. In this six months the band became an important face of the blues scene in Chile, performing in festivals, casinos, and being the host to many popular bands from around the country.

After this, he spent another five months with the band in Liverpool.  Now, Austin is performing in Canada, in the middle of the TASTE IT tour of Europe, North America, and South America.

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Francis MArcus

Francis (Viña del Mar 1979) is a well respected Saxophone player in the jazz scene in Chile. His ability to fit into any music style and his brass section leadership have brought him the chance to work with renowned musicians such as Cristian Cuturrufo and the world class bass player, Christian Galvez.

He has played in some of the biggest regional Jazz festivals in Chile, as well as playing Saxophone for La Serena Big Brass Band (2011 - 2013) He has recorded four albums with his bands Cienaga (2007), Mandala (2008), Zetaceos (2017) and La Doctrina (2018). Francis is currently the brass director of TASTE IT. 

ALDO Abarzua

Aldo (1998) is the youngest member of TASTE IT. He started to show up in the music scene of Chilean cities like Graneros and Rancagua in 2016 when he performed with his teacher's groups Antitesis and Sistro. His skill on the Saxophone and unique sounds has earned him a position in the TASTE IT band. 

In 2017, he left his home in the countryside to experience a year of music classes at the university of La Serena. At the same time he became involved in the local scene, playing shows with the jazz band 5sin4to, also the Latin Ska band Algo pa la Mente, and mainly performing in La Doctrina. This band would give him the opportunity to perform at Casinos, Weddings, Festivals and all over the country, as well as to record a studio album. Aldo and Francis are now TASTE IT's brass section. 

Sebastian Munoz

Sebastian (La Serena 1990) is the current bass player of TASTE IT and the former sound engineer of La Doctrina. He started playing music at four years old and had picked up the bass guitar at 10. He spent some years composing music, studying architecture, and working on his first serious music project, rock band Malessa. He stuck with this band for 10 years and three albums, until recently when he left to join TASTE IT.

Sebastian studied Jazz and Popular Music at the Projazz institute and formed part of the Chilean pioneer Nu Metal act "2X", which was financed by EMI Records in Germany and opened shows for bands like Limp Bizkit and Deftones. A part of Seba's life is dedicated to teaching music to kids, young people and adults. He has worked with over 10 bands in the past five years: Malessa, 2X, Tranki, Trikkoma, La Doctrina, New Orly's Band, Flora y Fauna, Munoz Brothers, BBS Paranoicos, Aguaturbia, Engranaje and Los Pata Negra. 


TASTE IT - Latin Blues

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Blues de Kakin live on Radio Montecarlo

Coquimbo, Chile (February 2018)


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